Small Volume Bottle Filling Production Line B


Small Volume Bottle Filling Production Line B
It can be applied to small volume glass or plastic bottle which stably stand and arranged orderly in the package before filling.
This production line is suitable for control materials,calibrators filling plugging and capping.

The Features of Production Line
Selecting machine models according to product output and volume, which can realized automatic small and medium volume products high speed and high accuracy production.
Customers can choose peristaltic pump, plunger pump or other metering method according to their requirement.
Machine dynamical system adopts precise CAM technology to drive mechanical arm to fetch and press plugs and matches accurately with capping unit for lifting and falling down CAM mechanism, which makes filing, plugging and capping units running without any errors or deviants and ensuring a stable and reliable running of the machine.
Capping force was controlled by precise servo technology.
100 level of laminar cover(FFU).
The equipment mainly adopts the SUS304, Aluminum Alloy, non-toxic polymer material. Pharmaceutical grade polymer materials or 316L stainless steel are used for the filling needles. The whole production line meets GMP requirements.

The Main Parameters

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