Glue Filling Production Line/Equipment


Glue Filling Production Line/Equipment
PERWIN Glue Filling Production Line adopt the advanced working principal, has reliable and stable performance, which is suitable for filling of various bottle shape of different kinds of glue.

The above equipment is just for reference

Technical Features:
1. The bottle feeding scheme at the front end of equipment was designed according to the bottle shape, its material and the user’s requirements.
2. The unique inlet and outlet check valve and the precision machining to ensure not dropping when filling. Different liquid shut-off valve scheme will be chosen based on different features of liquid.
3. Suitable for multi-specification products filling job, adjusted quickly, easily cleared.
4. The function of automatic alarm and stop when filling needles deviate from bottle neck.
5. Individualized screw capping scheme to keep the capping torsion stable not to damage the cap and the stability and reliability for the capping quality.
6. Having equipment operation monitoring, there is a dynamic display for the operation status of key part of equipment on the display, so that the operator can view the running status very clearly, easy to operate and maintain.
7. In addition to sound and light alarm, the dynamic indication of alarm position and cause of the alarm shown on the HMI. The whole production line of intelligent control has the function of chain control for upstream and downstream working equipment.
8. The main parts of the whole production line and its safety hood is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, hardness of anodized aluminum alloy, non-toxic polymeric materials, etc.

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