Large Volume Bottle Filling Production Line A


Large Volume Bottle Filling Production Line A

It can be applied to 10~100ml, 150~1000ml round bottle or cubitainer(rectangular cubitainer), 2L~6L cubitainer(rectangular cubitainer), and big volume buffer solution, cleaning solution,diluent and so on.

The Features of Production Line
To choose a reasonable measurement method according to customer’s requirement such as: peristaltic pumps, plunger pumps, piston pumps, etc..
The filling needles do up and down movement to prevent liquid foaming or splashing.
The machine is with the automatic protection function when the filling needles deviate the bottle mouths. When the filling needles deviate, the metering pumps would stop working immediately in case the leakage liquid would pollute the working area.
The professional inlet/outlet one-way valve design ensures no leakage during filling.
Different capping torque limit methods could be used for different filling production line, such as servo pulse control, magnetic induction control, etc..
The equipment mainly adopts the SUS304, Aluminum Alloy, non-toxic polymer material. Pharmaceutical grade polymer materials or 316L stainless steel are used for the filling needles. The whole production line meets GMP requirements.
CIP and SIP  and the relevant system units are optional to customers’ requirement. 100 Laminar FFU is also optional.
The capacity could be customized to 2 bottles/min to 200 bottles/min or even higher output.

The Main Parameters

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