Platiculture Aseptic Automatic Sub-packing Machine

Plate Culture Medium Filling Line

This production line is suitable for the diameter of 65,70,90mm platiculture Aseptic Automatic Filling.

The Features of Production Line
A new generation product. Various functional modules of aseptic filling production lines could be made according to the requirement of customers and factory conditions and different industries that medium applies.
Peristaltic pumps are adopted as the measuring method.
Servo technology is adopted to fetch the vessel caps and place the vessel caps which is also considerably reliable.
The equipment adopts the servo reciprocating follow-up filling technology which makes the fluid of stable flow and not easy to bubble.
The liquid shaking distribution patented technology enables the liquid surface uniform and smooth and beautiful appearance of the hanging wall and the strong adhesion between the liquid and vessel wall after solidification. All this could ensure the culture medium is excellent.
The unique positioning technology makes the vessel cap to cover the vessel accurately and precisely.
The innovative flat adding and collection technology servo makes it easy and convenient to change different specification products.
100 Laminar FFU and FFU are optional.
The equipment mainly adopts the SUS304, Aluminum Alloy, non-toxic polymer material. Pharmaceutical grade polymer materials or 316L stainless steel are used for the filling needles. The whole production line meets GMP requirements.
The filling production line could be customized with a speed range from 1000 bottles/hour to 8000 bottles/hour or even higher output.

The Main Parameters

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