Eye Drops Filling Production Line/Equipment


Eye Drops Filling Production Line/Equipment

PERWIN Adopts advanced design philosophy and principle of work, which has been putting into practice by numerous professional clients. The technical parameters were also improved and integrated step by step, which makes our eye drops filling production line more perfect and reliable. This production line can be applied to fill various specifications and shapes of eye drop products

Technical Features
Bottle feed in method can be selected according to client’s requirement and bottle shapes.
Adopt ceramic plunger pump, peristaltic pump or customer designated methods for precision filling. The filling accuracy is ±0.5~1%.
Professional design of inlet/outlet check valves ensure no dripping while filling.
Specially designed servo technology or magnetic induction technology controls the cap screwing torque and the flexible connection press and screw buffering methods ensures the stability of cap screwing force, no damage of caps and stable and reliable quality of capping.  
Inline automatic rejecting bottles without plug or cap.(Optional).
Inline automatic detecting and rejecting(or alarm and shut down) defective bottles like bottles without caps or tilted caps and so on. (Optional).
The equipment mainly adopts the SUS304, Aluminum Alloy, non-toxic polymer material. Pharmaceutical grade polymer materials or 316L stainless steel are used for the filling needles. The whole production line meets GMP requirements 
CIP or SIP function and 100 level of laminar cover(FFU).(Optional).
The production line capacity can be customized to 40~50 bottle/min, 60~120 bottles/min, 120~200 bottles/min according to client’s requirement.(capacities are decided by specific proposals).
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