Small Volume Bottle Filling Production Line C


Small Volume Bottle Filling Production Line C

It can be applied to small and medium volume bottles which are not easily fall down during transporting in the production line.
This production line is suitable for TCT cell preservation solution,dropping bottle, small volume buffer solution, cleaning fluid, diluent filling and capping.


The Features of Production Line

A new generation product with the intermittent reciprocating filling patent can ensure high output for large volume product and the filling accuracy at the same time.
To choose a reasonable measurement method according to customer’s requirement such as: peristaltic pumps, plunger pumps, piston pumps, etc..
Automatic cap fetching,cap delivering driven by the precise cam cooperate with the lifting cam for the capping unit perfectly, which makes the precise capping with a reliable quality stability.
The machine is adopted with the precise servo technology to control the capping torsion.
The modular design makes it easier and more convenient to replace the spare parts.
None caps /Broken caps detection and removing system ( Alarm system) is optional according to customers’ requirement.
The equipment mainly adopts the SUS304, Aluminum Alloy, non-toxic polymer material. Pharmaceutical grade polymer materials or 316L stainless steel are used for the filling needles. The whole production line meets GMP requirements.

The Main Parameters

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