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Shanghai PERWIN Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1999, with the registered trademark "PERWIN", focused on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of the Sticky Labeling & Filling Production Line and its equipment, which is widely used in fields of in vitro diagnostics (IVD), pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

Our core technical team is a pioneer and leader of the  filling and labeling technology in domestic market for the

Liquid Filling Product Line


fields of in vitro diagnostic reagents (IVD), pharmaceutical and other industries. PERWIN Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional supplier, has owned a number of utility model and invention patents, and our several products and technologies filled the gaps related with automatic production equipment. 


After ten years of rapid development, with the continuous technology innovation and improvement, our company has become the most trusted professional supplier.

Experienced designing team of our company enables us to provide customers with unique technical solutions and best cost-effective products, and can be customized according to special requirements of customers.

Our vision is to take "technology, innovation, integrity" as our business philosophy, which make PERWIN to be the most professional, the most representative in the fields of Liquid Filling, Automatic Labeling and other production line and equipment in Chinese domestic market of diagnostic reagents, pharmaceutical and other industries, gradually become an important influence of brand of “PERWIN” in the international market.

I.     The Main Products

1.    In vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Biochemistry Diagnostic Reagent Filling Line, Plate (bottle) Culture Medium Filling Line, Biological Enzyme (Immunoassay)Filling Line, Cleaning Liquid (Substrate Solution) Filling Line, Blood Collection Tubes (Serum) Aseptic Filling Line, TCT Product Filling Line, Large Capacity Blood Cell Filling Line, Chemiluminescence Reagent Filling Line, IVD Sticky Labeling Machine Series, IVD Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum foiling machine.

2.    Pharmaceutical Industry

Liquid Oral Formulations Filling Line, Animal Vaccines Filling Line, Lotion Automatic Filling Line, Mouth Rinse Filling Line, Sprays Filling Line, Automatic Eye Drops Filling Line, Eye Care Products Solution Filling Line, Fish Liver Emulsion Filling Line, Sticky Labeling Machine Series, Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum foiling machine.

3.    Daily Chemical / Food Industry

High-Speed Insect Repellent Filling Line, Daily Chemical Aqua & Emulsion Filling Line, Refined Oil Filling Line, Glue Filling Line, Sticky Labeling Machine Series, Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum foiling machine.


II.  Advantages of PERWIN Products

1.    Acquired the ISO9000 series international quality certification system;

2.    Having a high-qualified professional team with rich experience, average above eight years, specialized in the  designing, manufacturing, quality control for Liquid Filling Production Line and Labeling Line.

3.    Adhering to the advanced technologies from Europe and America, all the main designing engineers have similar  working experience in overseas-funded enterprise or high level professional training.

4.    We have been concerning about and keeping up with international latest technology in the same field, and have  Independent innovation capability to fill gaps of some of related fields.

5.    Our company has excellent corporate culture, with a creative and efficient management team.

6.    Electrical components of our products mainly imported from Europe or the corresponding technology products.

7.    There are two big manufacturing basement, and the overall technical and management strength better than the same  size counterparts.

8.    To meet the differentiated needs of our customers; meet personalized design of customer packaging materials  (bottle or lid).

9.    To provide customers with turnkey solutions for the overall project.


III.    PERWIN’s Business Procedure for Applications

1.    PERWIN’s Business Procedure for Applications is a set of systems approach that we need to understand the  customer, develop solutions and ensure accurate to customer satisfaction.

2.    Analysis of Customer Application—The sales engineers analyze the problem in accordance with the steps of  PERWIN application procedure, enabling customers to clearly express the problem to be solved, and degree the  solution as well as related choice.

3.    Customer provide samples (bottles, caps, labels and liquids, etc.), the simulation model to be prepared in response  to customer’s need and then the actual program and feasibility assessment will be supplied for customers’ reference.

4.    Senior technical support engineer to analyze the information to assess the case according to the preliminary   application complexity, and submit the further details of the application to the customer or to do the on-site   assessment.

5.    To provide a preliminary or more technical solutions, and detailed explanation of the difference between each other  and choice to customers.

6.    Provide technical suggestions documents and offer. The signing of the contract will be after the customers’ confirmation.

7.    The confirmation for more specific technical details with customers and technology the agreement will be signed as   acceptance criteria.

8.    Customers will do the acceptance of machines at PERWIN’ s factory, the details of changes can be made   immediately according to the actual operating situation and customer requirements.

9.    Delivery or shipping, customers’ site installation and training the customer's operators.

10. Keeping the application tracking file for each customer, and regularly follow up to the customer’s application  situation.

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